Me and Martha

I only watched my appearance on The Martha Stewart Show once, on the day it aired. It was such a peak experience to be in that studio cooking with Martha! Stewart! that I’d rather hold tight to my memory of it rather than have it all filtered through the view from the outside.

However, if you didn’t see the show and would like to see the clips, here you go:

The apple dumplings segment:,AxdXd3Mjo-4YSBPsNqh3rVeUH80tMQQ2

The apple butter segment:,Fnc3d3Mjp441coCurkT5nTXLCexebO5c


One thought on “Me and Martha

  1. Congratulations Amy! You looked great on the show, and I loved your banter with Martha. I am excited because now I know someone who knows Martha Stewart, thus there is only one degree of separation between her and I (that is probably as close as I will ever get to her). Marilyn and Dick are here visiting us in San Jose and I just heard all about your cookbook and your TV appearance – I’m heading over to Amazon to buy your cookbook now. I wish you much continued success!

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