Nom Nom

Great news today! The Apple Lover’s Cookbook has been nominated for two IACP awards: Best American Cookbook and The Julia Child Award for First Book.

Wow, wow. This is just such a dream made real. When I started writing,  I had this vision of a book that was layered with stories and beautiful photos and reference material and delicious recipes and really useful hands-on information about apples. I wanted people to see the beauty that I saw in this fruit. And thanks to the efforts of a lot of people beyond myself—most notably my editors Maria Guarnaschelli and  Melanie Tortorolli, the Norton creative team of Jan Derevjanik, Devon Zahn, and Ingsu Liu, the food styling of Michael Pederson and Tracy Keshani, and the photography of Squire Fox and Peter Thompson, and my agent Joy Tutela—I get to savor this wonderful moment.

Who knows if I’ll win anything. This may be my only chance to say these thanks.  It’s a cliché, I know, but I am truly thrilled to just be nominated.

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